Other technologies

Amongst the main technologies, there are other technologies that our company uses such as tumbling, drilling, grinding and last but not least, 3D measurement. We also provide 3D measurement as a standalone service. At the same time, 3D measurement is important for checking our products and for providing the highest level of satisfaction for all our customers.

The radiator manufacturing process also belongs to other technologies and it consists of more manufacturing operations. The radiator manufacturing process used to take a high percentage of the overall manufacturing capacity and to this day, it still uses a considerable amount.

3D measurement

It is used in a high range of processes to ensure even complicated parts are measured properly and to establish eligibility for our processes, machines and shapes.

  • Hexagon CimCore


The purpose of tumbling is to get rid of unwanted burr from the material. Product tumbling is done on ERBA EVP-RA 550 tumbling machines which have a total capacity of 550 liters.


Grinding is mass speed microcutting (galling) of the surface body layers by fine abrasive grains which are bound together in the tool.

  • Plane grinding (resulting in a plane surface)
  • Round grinding (resulting in a rotating motion)


Drilling is a process during which material is separated by cutting circular motion using a drill tool. It is a splinter material machining during which the tool does all motions at once. Drilling results in circular holes in the materials.