Welding is a process used for creating a permanent, unbreakable joint of two or more parts. General request for the welding process is a creation of such thermo-dynamic conditions, during which it is possible to create new interatomic connection.

Resistance welding

This method is most commonly used for spot welding of steel plates or joining wires into grids, resp. nets. The joint materials are sqeezed together by two electrodes when at the same time, electric current passes through them.

Pressure welding

Pressure welding is characterized by applying pressure and heat to produce plastic deformations. The connection is made even with partially melted materials.

TIG arc welding

During TIG spot welding, there’s an arc between the non-consumable wolfram electrode and the basic material or a weld pool.

Arc welding

Arc welding methods are the biggest group of fusion welding. They get the energy needed for melting the material during arcing in ionized gas.