CNC manufacturing

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, which is being used in our company. In connection with machine tool, it can be used as a “Computer driven machining-tool”, which means a machining-tool that uses CNC management system in order to machine a product by the technological NC program used.

MCV 750 – 3-axis milling machine

  • Highly effective machining ensured by the application of high-speed spindle and fast movement
  • High rigidity of the supporting frame enables power machining as well as precise machining of complex components
  • The linear axis dynamics enables a high-speed machining of forms

Masturn 550 – CNC lathe

  • Simple machine suitable for unit and small series production
  • High accuracy, performance, easy operation
  • Constant cutting speed – High quality of machined product
  • Graphical simulation of machining
  • Machining is possible in manual mode like on a common lathe or in automatic cycle with CNC system support on an established cycle basis
  • The program can be created by contour programming or DIN programming
  • Cutting conditions and product shape entries are entered by keyboard into the management system and are automatically processed

Fanuc ROBOCUT 1iE – Electro discharge machining

  • Enables high-speed and very precise cuts with a classic brass wire
  • The possibility of dual measuring of any axis with 0.05µm accuracy
  • Size of the workpiece up to 1050x820x300mm and 1t weight