TOPTHERM s.r.o. arised in 1992. In november 1993, it acquired part of the Kamenice nad Lipou Industrial enterprise by spot sale during the large privatization. Company and its production units has a seat in the town of Kamenice nad Lipou. Main activity of the company is production of the electric oil-filled radiator heaters components and their assembling, further the car hanging devices and the components for automobile industry production. Furthermore the company engaged in pressing of the plastics – thermosets. It follows its own tool factory, undertakes in the automated data processing sphere, offers work with various machines. The company processes cca 3 000 tons of sheet steel per year in sphere of deep-drawn pressing. It is bearer of acknowledgement: for excellent co-operation with U.S.STEEL Košice. Most of the products are exported to the EU countries. You may see the Toptherm products in Australia as well.

Factory picture from the front

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